What we do...

Below you can find a list of the things at which B-its can be of service. We put the customer and quality in the middle.

IT Services

The management of your computer and network provisions consumes a lot of your valuable time and energy. B-its can take over these needs which means you can focus more on your corebusiness. If requested we can work with a maintenance contract (Service Level Agreement) which provides you with an image of the management costs and assures you with continuity. We have gained an extended system management knowledge. Of course you can always appeal on our services on the occurance of a sudden malfunction of a computersystem or your network. We will come as soon as possible on scene to fix the issue.


We can assist you with advice when taking decisions concerning your IT infrastructure or use of technology in your company. B-its can assist you when optimizing your IT park to the business needs and help you determine which adaptations could increase the efficiency and the usability.

Computer hardware

B-its provides in the hardware as required in the predetermined solution. We also provide the installation and configuration on scene of the workstations, servers and storage.

Online Backup

B-its Online Backup & Recovery is a fully automated system that allows you to fix your important data in a very simple manner if necessary. Using your internet connection, the software sends, at predetermined timestamps, the modified part of your files to our backup server. By using the innovative delta-block technology, the available bandwidht is used very economical. Of course particulars can contact us for computersystems and networksupplies, as well as repairs etc.