A fluent information flow is of great importance for the functioning of your company so an internal network is definitely becoming a must for every business. When a connection to the internet is made, a flawless security has to be provided.

Regardless of the number of computers, we always make it into a network in which they can communicate.

Sharing information in a network that consists of 2 or more workplaces has great advantages. Sharing files, software and printers means you can work in an efficient and cost effective way. Sharing internet access saves costs en is easy to secure.

Every user has an emailaccount with extra options added for mail distribution. This means that for every user, department or goal a very own email address can be created, linked to your own domainname. (e.g.

Printing documents and faxing is no longer necessary. Incoming faxes can, when desired, be divided within the email system.

Sharing information sources like databases, accounting systems and agenda's is also part of the possibilities.

A centralized management of your data and the related security and backup is a valuable and practical characteristic of your network.

We provide for your well functioning network and you benefit of the many advantages this entails.